The free Android app WarnWetter is the official weather app of the German Weather Service.

The German Weather Service has published its own official weather app: WarnWetter. The free Android app, as the name suggests, puts weather warnings in the foreground.

Why does the WarnWetter app cost money?

Because the private provider “Wetter Online” was not satisfied with the success of the publicly financed competition app, the appellated to the district court in Bonn. WarnWetter is accused of offering general weather information in addition to official weather warnings. That is incompatible with competition law. The court upheld the view and ruled in the “Wetter Online” judgment. The offer of the DWD app violates section 6 (2) sentence 1 of the DWDG:

“It is irrelevant here that the DWD app is offered free of charge, because with the offer of this app the DWD promotes its own company, increases its awareness and his reputation in the market of weather service providers and thus his market power. “

Because the DWD is first obliged to implement the judgment, the content of the free app can only be offered for download to a very limited extent. The full version with all the previously available features is now only available after an in-app purchase of EUR 1.99.
Which functions can be used free of charge in the WarnWetter app?

In the free version, WarnWetter now only informs you about the current weather conditions and notifies you of any danger by a push message. Functions such as the rain radar, current satellite images or model predictions for warning-relevant events such as storms, permanent or heavy rain are only available after in-app purchase.
What does the WarnWetter app cost?

The WarnWetter app can be used completely free of charge in a limited form. A one-time fee of 1.99 euros is currently charged for the full version, which can be activated directly in the app.
Does the WarnWetter app offer rain radar?

Yes, but not in the free version. To be able to use the rain radar, you have to get the full warning weather version for a one-time fee of 1.99 euros.